Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bet the Pilgrims never slacked....

We've been slacking lately.  We're in the process of buying a new house and selling this one, so I guess we're entitled.


We manage to accomplish math and geography every day.  Sometimes we read and sometimes I hand the girls a big stack of books they can read to themselves.  Luckily, there are a bunch of books they will willingly read anytime.  Like the Time Traveling Twins, and these cool photographed-at-Plymouth-Plantation books  (there are two more: Sarah Morton's Day and Samuel Eaton's Day) and any of the If You Lived... books.


So I dumped a stack like this at their feet and let them go at it.  We are also having lots of fun with hands-on crafts.  The easiest are those from Hands & Hearts.  The girls made lavender sachets--easy as pie!  All the materials were included, from the muslin and calico bits, the dried lavender, a ribbon and a little sewing kit!  Thread, needles, the whole kit and kaboodle!  I know, I could go down to my basement and find the bin with cotton scraps in it and I could run to the variety store to pick up dried lavender and I certainly could scratch up a needle and thread.  With a little luck, I have some ribbon around that coordinates with the calico scraps I found.


But when I can open the box, print out the directions and et them go at it with mimimal guidance, it is worth the $65 to me.  As an added bonus, they took the extra fabric scraps  and made teeny-tiny lavender (there was PLENTY) sachets for their dolls.  And one for their best friend next door.  I didn't help at all with those.


Now they are working on cross stitch samplers.  The pattern and idea I got from our Time Travelers CD.  In this set, you just get all the directions and paper patterns.  So I pulled out my cross stitch stuff (why is it so much fun to start a project, but not fun to ever finish it!?) and gave each of the girls a bit of Aida cloth and some floss.  Daisy is tooling along on hers, but Pepper lost interest pretty fast. Oh, well.  She is once again on a school strike.  Except for math, I'm not sure she'll ever finish first grade.


So there is what little we've been up to lately.  Enjoy!



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