Thursday, May 1, 2008

If You're Just Beginning to Consider Homeschooling



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A Day in My Life, by Sandwich


5:45 am  Through a haze of sleep, I can feel repeated pounding on my legs.  It's the 3 yo kicking me because he's ready to get up.  I'm not.  I carry him out to Dad for breakfast and crawl back into my cave of covers.


6:30 am  The door opens as dh comes in to get dressed for work.  I pretend I'm sleeping.


6:48 am  Rose Bud comes in to find out if she can play her clarinet on the deck since Banana Boy is still sleeping.  Sure, whatever.  I give up on sleep and get up.


6:49 am I'm in the bathroom.  Sunshine finds me and puts his cold hands up my shirt.  Pepper finds me and wants to know if she can have cereal.  Banana Boy is up and finds me.  He is wailing because he is awake and no one thought to have a bowl of cereal waiting for him.  (huh?!) 

7:00 am  I pour BB a bowl of yogurt and granola, hand Sunshine his fifth bowl of breakfast (he's had 4 bowls of cereal, Pepper informs me) so he gets a bowl of yogurt.  He eats two bites and runs off.


7:15 am  I manage to get the coffee pot going.  BB is wailing because I've asked him to take off his diaper--excuse me, Pull-up.  Then I've asked him to get dressed.  Sunshine sees big brother getting dressed and also wants to get dressed.  Yay!


7:30 am  BB is over his wailing and is leaping around in joy because he is almost finished with his Kindergarten math book.  I halt the leaping and tell him that if he doesn't get said math book out, he'll be working in it the rest of his life.


7:35 am I set BB to work in his math book.  Daisy is working in her math book.  Pepper has her math book out and is also excited that she will be finishing it today.  Only one review left!  Sunshine is happily coloring.  I love homeschooling!


7:36 am  BB turns the page to find fractions.  Now I will spend 10 minutes with him to explain that.  The other 3 are happily busy.  I love homeschooling! 

7:37 am I begin to discuss fractions with BB.  Pepper calls me over to check her first problem.  Sunshine gets out the Bear Family counters to play hide and seek.


7:38 am  I excuse myself from BB to check Pepper's problem.  It's wrong.  Pepper begins to cry.  I sit down to look through it and help her find her mistake.  Sunshine dumps the bears on the floor.  I find Pepper's mistake and have her fix it.  BB is missing.


7:40 am BB is back at his seat and I am explaining fractions.  Sunshine is happily playing bears.  Pepper is fixing her problem and moving on.


7:42 am  The phone rings.  Best Friend  wants to know how come my kids never fight and what I've done to make them best friends.  Sunshine's phone detector goes off and he is pulling at my leg, book in hand.  I sit in the recliner with him, pretending to read while listening to Best Friend.  Pepper joins us in the recliner, crying because she doesn't understand her math.  BB is very patiently sitting in his seat waiting to learn fractions.

7:49 am  Hang up with Best Friend.  Turn to Pepper to help with math.  Sunshine grabs my face to turn it back to his book.  Tell BB to hang on, I'll be right there.


7:50 am Phone rings.  Mom has a virus on her computer and wants to warn me to be careful with mine.  Chat a few minutes while pretending to read some more to Sunshine.  "Yes, that's a church!  You should run your virus scan.  Good!  That IS Baby Jesus!  Good Boy, Banana Boy, you're waiting so patiently.  It found a virus?  Great!  I'm glad you didn't get infected.  Ok, now what is 20 - 18?  How many do you need to get from 18 to 20?  Sunshine, Mommy's on the phone!  Why don't you find something else to do, BB, until Mom can help you?  What's the matter, Daisy?  Why are YOU crying? Ok, I'll be right there.  Mom, I have to go!  Bye"


7:58 am  Help Daisy find mistake in math.  Help Pepper then send her back to table to do as much as she can on her own.  Get out Eating the Fractions to read to BB in recliner.  Explain to Sunshine that we are going to read brother's story now and he can listen.


8:06 am Finish fraction book and set BB to re-reading it to himself.  Call crying Pepper back to see where she is stuck.  Read some more book with Sunshine.


8:10 am  Decide this is Hooey!  Tell Sunshine he needs to play alone awhile while Mommy helps sisters.  Sit down with Pepper and work through story problems.  Have BB sit next to me to work on fractions in math book.  Sunshine happily playing with bears.


8:15 am Praise Sunshine for playing nicely alone.  He gets up and dumps bears again and begins kicking them around.  Note to self:  Don't notice baby when he is behaving well.


8:18 am Sunshine decides that now is a good time to be potty trained.  Jump up, rip off his diaper and help him sit on potty.  Sigh as everyone else gets off-track.  Clean up floor and remind Sunshine he needs to POINT IT DOWN!  Get out unders for him.

8:20 am  Show BB how to fold paper in half and complete fraction activity.  Continue to help Pepper with story problems.  Send Sunshine off to finish yogurt. 

8:26 am Turn around to gleeful, "Mama!!" to find this:

8:27 am Put Sunshine in bath and send Daisy in to supervise.  She decides to join him.  Calm crying BB who can't seem to color today.  Tell Pepper, yes, she can finish the rest of the lesson tomorrow.  Wonder how they would all do in public school.


Epilogue:  Quickly did grammar with Pepper while Daisy was getting Sunshine dressed.  Sent Pepper, BB and Sunshine out to play with a bucket of snack.  Did grammar and spelling with Daisy.  Whew.  Basics done.  Wonder if we'll get to history today?


There are 5 baskets of laundry to fold, breakfast dishes to wash and a load of wet laundry to hang out.   I need to help Daisy find her cross stitching that has been lost for a week.  Kids are all out biking in the driveway (although I did just hear Sunshine drop his tricycle down the deck stairs).


Pretty par for the course around here.  But...


BB got 10 M&Ms for finishing his math book.  He was very excited and proud!  Daisy remembered all the components of writing sentences with quotations in them from yesterday and got all her grammar questions correct.  Pepper --well, Pepper is Pepper.  I plan to just play math games with her and BB the rest of the summer and wait until fall to begin both of their new math books.  Sunshine told me he wanted to use the potty!  I don't have a virus on my computer.  


I do love homeschooling!



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