Monday, October 27, 2008

Math Moments with Banana Boy

Banana Boy is a thinker. He is a math head. He takes after his mom and dad, as do the rest of his siblings. (well, the jury is still out on Sunshine. He counts "1...2...2...1...5")

Yesterday BB says to me, out of the blue, "Mom, do you know what 5 pears and 5 pears are?" He's always giving me little problems to solve, usually involving thirty-twenty hundred, five hundred, seventy-eight, ninety-seven, 40 hundred." (that's all one number, BTW)

So I think to myself, well, 5 pears plus 5 pears is going to be, "10 pears!" I say, triumphantly.

"No, Mom, it's TWENTY!" Because of course, my 5 year old means PAIRS!!!


1 comment:

Recovering Noah said...

Oh my goodness. That boy is clever!

Do you think he can come tutor my kiddoes in math? :-)