Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We've moved. We're moved. We're unpacked. Well, my family is unpacked. I have a problem with unpacking. It overwhelms me. My clothes is still in boxes and laundry baskets. (but I know where it all is!)

And our library is a disaster. I have the shelves. I have the baskets (ask me about the GREAT deals I got on baskets at SERRV last week!!!) I have my stuff in boxes in the room. The baskets are even on the shelves (see, Honey? I made progress today!!!). This is a disappointment to the cat, BTW. Maple has declared all the baskets his. Even the cutlery baskets. How you can sleep with one foot in each section and your gut over the divider is beyond me, but then I'm not a cat.


We ARE doing school. The girls, who unlike me, do not have an unpacking problem, packed their school benches into a concise box and then promptly unpacked it back into their benches upon arrival in the new house. Thus, they are able to do school. We're even reading. I found Daniel Boone and we've finished that book.

Next on tap is the Erie Canal. Oh, after we finish America Travels.

I think I threw some markers in a cutlery basket today. Problem is, that's not really where I want them. I'm not sure where I really want anything. THAT'S the problem.

Anyone want to come over and help me organize and decompress?

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Recovering Noah said...

I just discovered that blog over the weekend. Talk about making me feel like a sorry mother. Geesh. That girl's got some skill! lol.

And, um, making all these games IS driving me crazy. I am seriously considering putting Eli in public kindergarten next year just so that I never have to laminate anything ever again. ;-)