Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Beginning to Plan for Next Year

Starting to lay out plans for next fall.  Daisy will be in 6th grade, Pepper in 4th and Banana Boy in 2nd.  Sunshine will go to public school kindergarten and Rose Bud will be a Freshman in PS.

For Daisy and Pepper:  Sonlight Core 5

I'm excited to go through this core again.  It was fun and interesting to read about so many cultures so "foreign" to us.  We'll be studying countries in the 10/40 Window such as the South Pacific, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, India, the Middle East and in Africa.

For Banana Boy, I think I'm going to use a combination of Mission Friends country packets and Voice of the Martyrs Bold Believers series.  Both sets are available as free downloads and will provide a nice framework for a simple country study from a Christian perspective.

(in case the Mission Friends link doesn't work, Google "Lutheran Church Missouri Synod Mission Friends" and you should bring the correct page right up.)

If anyone knows of any other similar resources, I'd love to know about them!

Daisy will also be doing:
Teaching Textbooks 7 for math
Sonlight LA 4 grammar and writing (yes, we're a year behind)
Spanish for Children and
Rosetta Stone Spanish
Sonlight Science 5
Piano lessons
Art class
AWANA and working through Luther's Small Catechism

Pepper will do:
Singapore Math 4
Sonlight LA 4 grammar
6-Trait Daily Writing grade 3 (or maybe 4)
Let's Learn Spanish grades 2, 3 & 4 (depending how far we get) and
KidSpeak Spanish and
Hola Amigos Spanish
Art at home
Science....ah science.  Yuck,  I hate teaching it.  The kids love it.  Maybe will find something for Pepper and BB to do together.

Banana Boy will be in:
Singapore Math 2 and
Miquon Math (probably Blue & Green)
6-Trait Daily Writing grade 2
KidSpeak Spanish  and
Hola Amigos Spanish
Art at home
Science--see Pepper

My goal:  Keeping it SIMPLE!  (never has happened yet!)


hnracademy said...

I'm wondering why you are doing LA a year behind? We haven't done those levels yet (doing core 4 with LA right now), but I was under the impression that you could "jump into" SL LA pretty easy. Why not just skip LA4 and do the LA5 that matches core 5?

Please understand that this is an honest question, not a suggestion. I may be playing around with the levels some and I wonder if my understanding is correct.

sandwichinwi said...

It's entirely possible we might. Here's what's going on.

I don't do SL LA with my kids younger than 3rd grade. In 4 kids now, I've not found it productive.

So this year I started in with the OLD LA 3, which I LOVED and my oldest learned so much from, with Daisy and Pepper who are 5th & 3rd grade.

They, too, are learning tons from this and are doing really well at it. We are only doing the grammar sheets and not the writing element. (using the 6-trait writing for that)

Maybe now that they've gone through LA 3's grammar, they could just jump into LA 5. I think Daisy would be ok, Pepper not so much.

In any case, we're doing it strictly for the grammar and I don't care if it matches up or not, nor do they.

I did take your ? as an honest one and was not bothered by it. I probably will go hash this out on the forums, too.