Thursday, October 17, 2013

Native American Field Trip

As a fun culmination to our Native American studies, we took a day and visited the Milwaukee Public Museum.  They have some great American Indian exhibits, including a bison hunt and some neat Northwest Coast items.   Here are the kids with a totem pole and in the doorway of the plank house.

It's not a hands-on museum, but the kids were really motivated by all the things they recognized that we'd read about.  It's also home to a teepee, a life-size adobe home of the southwest and a nice display of the Northeast Woodland Indians, in addition to some we hadn't studied.

It's a great natural history museum with lots of miniature and life-size dioramas. They have a nice Wisconsin mammoth (or mastodon, I forget which) and many displays of artifacts from around the world. We've visited many times after we've studied world cultures, Wisconsin history and Native Americans.  If you're close by, check it out.  We buy a family pass and in two visits, have it paid for.  (They also let Auntie in on our pass the last two times we've been there!)

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