Friday, March 21, 2008

Columbus, de Gama, Magellan, Oh My!

Well, we've whizzed through the explorers.  I'd have like to have spent more time here, but sometimes you have to weigh their age and abilities against the fun of the cool resources out there.  Pepper is only in first grade, so I'm not requiring as much from her.  That she knows Christopher Columbus's name, country of origin, some of his story and what he was famous for, as well as the fact that he did both some good and some bad things is good enough for me.


Daisy also learned about Vasco de Gama, who was the first guy to make it all the way to India by sea (that's where Columbus thought he was going!)  And then we all read some about the rest of the explorers:   Magellan, Cortez, Ponce de Leon, Cabot, etc.

Slideshow of the girls' Explorer work

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