Monday, March 3, 2008

Northwest Indians

In the Northwest, we studied two completely different tribes.  The Tlingit are actually considered Northwest Coast Indians and lived in plank houses with totem poles.  The Nez Perce were actually Plateau Indians, living much further from the coast and a much different lifestyle similar to the Plains Indians.


We studied the Nez Perce because we had access to such great resources about Kaya, one of the American Girl history dolls.  In addition to her storybooks, there is also Kaya's World, which tells many more details about the Nez Perce life, the toys (we have the Kaya doll), and other resources.  The girls loved the Kaya stories, about half of which I read aloud and the other have which they read themselves.  It was Pepper's first time reading an American Girl book and she found she liked it!  She read the entire book 2 in one evening!


I'm just going to give you some pictures of our projects, rather than of the folders this time.  If you want to see the folders, you'll have to come visit us!

Daisy's Totem Pole




Pepper's Totem Pole and the Dover Northwest Indians Punch-Out House the girls built


The plank house and totem poles (LOVE Dover books!)

Daisy's cradleboard (holding Mimi, pretending to be Native American)

Pepper's Cradleboard (holding Katie)

Sunshine's Cradleboard holding a toilet paper tube Indian the girls made for him


So now we are done with the Indians, at least as our main focus of study.  We will, of course, revisit them throughout our adventure through American History.


On to Leif the Lucky and the Vikings!



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