Friday, September 12, 2008

Pepper's New School

Did I mention Pepper is doing school online?  I thought I'd share some of the cool links I've found for her.  Really, you can teach your child everything they need to know, for free, online.


There is the pattern block site I already shared.  If you go to their main page, they have lots of other interactive math manipulatives.


One she has really enjoyed is  Her especial favorites are the ice cream scoop game and the fairy game.  This is a second grader who is gifted at math, but hasn't really begun multiplying yet.  Yet, for the reward of fairies, she was doing 4x9.

Number Cracker

Practicing her states.


Language Arts

Grammar Gorilla

2Bee or Nottobee

Spell Check

Spelling City  -- add your own spelling words for teaching activities, games using them and a test or choose from their lists


Tons of really cool animal and habitat stuff here.


And if your kids like Highlight Magazines Hidden Pictures, they will have a field day here!

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