Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pepper Gets Excited About School

Pepper is cavorting about this morning doing her math. Why? She is measuring.

She started out rustling through the broom closet for a meter stick. Strangely, our meter stick is 91 cm long.

Next she found some shiny gold ribbon and made a meter string.

She had to check whether she (her height), her armspan, her desk (this one was funny because it's our dining room table) all were longer or shorter than a meter.

Then she had to estimate the length of the chalkboard (our whiteboard) and the classroom and measure.

The next page switched over to centimeters and she had to estimate and then measure her math book, her pencil, eraser, a drinking straw.

She studied each item carefully and studied the ruler. She's a good estimator! She was within a centimeter each time.

Next she needed a glass of water to drink with her straw.

Next she had to drink with her straw through each of her fangs.

Next she had to find her meter string. "Oh, Meter String, where are you??? Where have you gone??" she sang.

She's currently working on her 4th or 5th page, cheerfully.

"I'm going to measure things that are a meter when I'm done!" she just informed me.

Go, Pepper.

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