Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Presidential Fun

I've been intending, for a long, long time, for the girls to work through each of the Presidents of the United (did you know if you type this wrong, it spells UNTIED????) States. We went through most of the 50 States first. Pepper gave out round about 30 or so. I think Daisy completed 45. And being the non-closer that I am (walk by any cupboard in my house--you'll see what I mean! It drives Mr. GT crazy. He is a closer) I've left it at that. My kids will have to research Oregon, Washington, California, Alaska and Hawaii on their own time when they are adults.

Anyway, I decided that the first day back to school after Christmas was a great day to learn about the presidents. The main thing holding me back has been what format to use for a report form. I have a bunch of resource books of different types with Presidential Report Forms on them, but none of them included all the things I wanted them to cover and many contained things I didn't feel were important (like name 4 cabinet members).

So, combining a bunch of resources, I came up with an interview format, a paste-down portrait, and a poem to fill in.

Hey! It copied in here. Well, there you go. Feel free to use, if it tickles your fancy.

An Interview with President __________________

Mr. President, when and where were you born?

What was your education and what jobs did you have before you were president?

When were you President of the United States of America?

What was your political party?

Who was your Vice President?

Did you have a nickname?

What were some important things that happened while you were President?

Who was your First Lady and what was special about her?

Tell us a few interesting facts about you or your presidency.

Were you a good president? Why or why not

When and how did you die?

A Portrait of You

A poem I wrote about you

______________ (first name)

_______________(number) President

____________________, ___________________,

____________________, ___________________, (four adjectives or phrases)

Who loved _____________________

Who believed ___________________

Who wanted _________________

Who used __________________

Who gave _____________________

Who said ____(quote written in best handwriting)_________

________________ (last name)

The poem is taken from this resource book

Here are the resources we are using:

I'm sure there are other great resources out there.  These happen to be the ones we own and I've placed a moratorium on my purchase of new homeschool materials.  Eep!  I own a lot of stuff!

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