Thursday, April 23, 2009

Screw This!

Sunshine's Easter present was this super-duper-schmooper (I hate when Sid the Science Kid says that--do any real kids talk like that???) drill set. I saw it on Amazon and it got great reviews.

Let me say, that for once, a toy is living up to its expectations!

First of all, ALL the kids love it and if it is out, they can't keep their hands off of it, from Daisy down to Sunshine.

It is as sturdy as everyone says in the Amazon reviews.

It was easy for Sunshine to figure out but challenging and interesting enough for him to keep playing with.

It is playable at so many levels. Sunshine just screws the screws in and unscrews them. Banana boy experiments with all the different bits. Pepper and Daisy use the pattern cards and also make their own patterns. They have also been trying to teach Sunshine to make patterns.

Oh, Sunshine DID, on his own, unscrew them by color for a while. In other words, he unscrewed all the greens, then all the reds. Then I think he got bored and did the rest randomly.

I love this toy!

Ouch! I just went over to Amazon to get the link and it is selling for $38 now! I only paid $28. Watch for deals!

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