Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Indonesia for Youngers -- Go-Along with Core 5

I've been working on plans for Banana Boy to go along with Sonlight's Core 5 for next year.  He'll be a 2nd grader and I just want to do a country study with him.  I'm trying REALLY HARD to keep it simple--always a challenge for me!  So here's what I've got going so far.

I'm trying not to spend any money on this (or at least, very little), so I'm looking for free resources online and utilizing things I have on hand.  There is nothing special about the books I've chosen, except that I already own them.

Mission Friends-Indonesia
Children Just Like Me
Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book (SL Core P4/5)
Lion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales
Animal Friends from Around the World (Dover)
From Akebu to Zapotec (SL Core 1)

Spend one week on Indonesia:

Map from Mission Friends
Cooking from Mission Friends: Make Pisang Goreng
FolktalesLion Storyteller Book of Animal Tales “The Clever Mouse Deer” and “The Wonderful Bird”; Lion Storyteller Bedtime Book “The Mouse Deer’s Wisdom”; Gift of the Crocodile: An Indonesian Cinderella  I haven't read this yet, but it is possible to find a Cinderella story from many cultures and I thought it would be fun to compare them.  I'll be including one from as many countries as I can.

Flag from Mission Friends or Crayola
Language from Mission Friends (phrases and counting to 5) 
National Symbol Krakotoa  (OR geographical features: volcano and archipelago)

Beliefs from Mission Friends (also do Shadow Puppet Nativity from Mission Friends) 
Prayer Needs read Mission Friends; also From Akebu to Zapotec: Osing people 
Clothes read Children Just Like Me: Subaedah 

Music Gamelan Music and Gamelan Music; sing "Jesus Loves Me" from Mission Friends; Indonesian National Anthem
Crafts  from Mission Friends: Batik and Smells of Indonesia (mace, nutmeg, coffee, etc.) 

Games from Mission Friends: play Gamet Orang or Gajah or Badminton; Traditional Indonesian Children's Games
Animals Komodo Dragons and/or Orangutans
visit zoo
Print a collector's card Komodo Dragon  Orangutan
Coloring page from Dover's Animal Friends From Around the World (#9 Orangutan)
Passport Stamp  Passports and stamps are available to download for free from many sites
Mission Friends  stamps only, but passports can be ordered
Time for Kids download and print
GC Kidz Club click on the passport.  You need to order this passport, but you can get as many as you need and they are very nice.  This is the one we will be using.

Extra Mission Friends activities:
Vocabulary words
Word search
Crossword Puzzle

Other activities I may have Pepper do:
GeoScribe Geography Terms: Archipelago and Volcano
Narrate the Cinderella story or
Make a chart to compare and contrast Cinderella stories

Internet links:
Balinese Shadow Puppets on YouTube
Javanese Shadow Puppets on YouTube
How to wear an Indonesian men's sarong
Traditional women's dress: the kebaya
In-depth explanation of batik

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