Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Story, A Story!

Daisy wrote this lovely little story today.

Her writing prompt was, "Jonah had always wanted a dog, but there was something strange about the little puppy sitting on his doorstep..."

she continued (without any help):

"He ran into the house and found some scraps from lunch to feed to the puppy.  It ate and ate.

All of a sudden, the puppy started growing.  It grew 1 foot tall then 2 feet then 3 feet.  He thought it would never stop growing.  When it finally stopped growing, it was 5 feet tall!

He had no idea what he would do with a 5 foot tall dog.  He noticed it was panting so he decided to try giving it some water.  But where would he ever get so much water?  

He decided to bring it to the swimming pool.  It drank and drank.  Then it started shrinking.  First 1 foot, then two feet.  It finally stopped at its normal 1 foot height.

He decided to keep the puppy and he named it Giant.  Whenever someone asks why a tiny dog is called Giant, all he has to do is give Giant a bowl of scraps and they understand.  He always carries scraps and water, just in case!"

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