Friday, October 22, 2010

Ancient Egypt

We've been steadily moving through Mystery of History, the curriculum we're using to study ancient history. It's Biblically-based and divided into short chapters. A week consists of a pre-test, 3 chapters and a post-test, plus timeline figures (not included, although directions for making them are), maps (included, although we are using MapTrek) and extra reading. I think I'll put up our weekly lessons because, even though there are TONS of MOH schedules out there, I think it always helps to look at someone else's to see what they are doing. I also love to see what new resources I need to add are out there.

So right now we're continuing to move through history while doing some long-term projects on Egypt. Pepper is going to be doing History Pockets Ancient Civilizations, the Egypt pocket. Daisy is making a travel brochure about Ancient Egypt (you might want to sign up for her tour package once you see it!)

We made mummified oranges and a green pepper from  There is tons to explore here if you are studying Ancient Egypt.  We haven't even begun to scratch the surface of the resources here.

Anyway, here they sprinkling natron over the dead Pharaoh Pepperiti.

Here are all 3 pharoahs:  Pharaoh Pepperiti, King Pulphaman I, and King Frufru I.  Those are their internal organs drying out in the packets.

Daisy did some Egyptian math --most gladly, I may add.  She was thrilled to take a break from her regular math and even though there was some research involved, she enjoyed it.  Most of it was just the right level for her--just challenging enough.  A few I had to help her with.  I printed out the pages, rather than having her fill them in online.  The links to the "answers" are on the above page, below the links to the problems.

Pepper attempted some Egyptian wall art from Artistic Pursuits I today, but became frustrated.  Not sure if she'll continue with it or not.

And now we're going on a field trip/picnic to look at a local archaeological dig.

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