Friday, October 15, 2010

Praying for India

Sonlight Curriculum, which we use, is currently sponsoring a program called My Passport to India (Choose the video you'd like to watch from the tiny panels above the main video box).  It's a 5-week multi-media learning experience about India via video.  A pastor named Chris, from the US, visited India and filmed his experiences visiting children's Bible clubs all over India.  Mission India is the organization working there and, partnered with Sonlight, they've made this program available.  Kids here in America are encouraged to save up change to donate to the program while they learn more about India and the Bible clubs reaching kids with Christ.  Sonlight is also going to match the first $167,000 raised by students.

So we signed up.  The kids have enjoyed watching the videos and reading Chris's travel diary.  They received passports and stickers in the mail which they fill out each time they watch a new installment of the program.

Coincidentally, my mom also invited us to hear a gentleman who has worked in India the past 9 years speak at her church.  One of her former pastors is a colleague of this man and so we were already familiar with the program.  It was exciting to see his slides of their work and hear how many people they are teaching and reaching with the gospel.  One statistic he mentioned was that they currently have 90 seminarians!  He said many organizations would be grateful for 1 or 2 with interest in becoming pastors.  And they have NINETY!  (with 30 already graduated).

October 2010 - World Missions/India from WELS Streams on Vimeo.

I was really struck by the quote in the WELS video above that there are millions of gods in India, none of whom forgive sins.

If you'd like an excellent FREE curriculum to learn more about India, check out Voice of the Martyrs Kids of Courage.  You do need to sign up to access it.  It's a download, so you can print just what you want.  I planned to use it last year when we were going to do SL's Core 5, and still will, whenever we get around to that.

The population of India has topped 1.2 BILLION people.  Please pray for the people of India to hear the gospel and learn of the hope of eternal salvation.  There are many wonderful organizations working in India toward that end.  These are just two of them.


Jimmie said...

Thanks for the link to VOM. I had forgotten that they have educational materials. It's close to home for us, but I'll see what we can bear to use.

T & T Livesay said...

Your "handle" always makes me smile. I love hearing from "Sandwich" - have friends in India, really want to go some day. Looks like it left a major impression on you :)

Arranged marriage is good -- I have no one interested in Lydia yet. ;)