Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A little brag on Rose Bud

Since I am sharing the things the girls and little boys do all the time, I thought I ought to share Rose Bud's report card.  It's a brag, but it's also a little shout-out to how proud of her I am.  She works VERY hard at public school and puts a lot of time into her projects.  She maintains a great attitude toward her teachers and about her schoolwork.  Her teachers report that she is ever helpful and kind to her peers.  And of course, my dear firstborn follows all the rules (just like her mama did).


So anyway, here is her semester report card.  The two grades are Quarter 1 and Quarter 2.

Math A A  2nd quarter has focused on challenging decimal computation and applications.  Keep up the Outstanding work!

Science B+ A  Nice progress this quarter

Social Studies A A Northwest Europe point projects were outstanding! (editorial mom comment:  She put a lot of work and time into these and really had fun.  My non-hands-on girl!)

Language Arts A A Editorial essay was very well done!

Reading A A Another super quarter; great comprehension supported with quality written work!

FACE (Home Ec) A Nice student to have in class.

Music A

Foreign Language A+

Typing A+ Rose Bud is typing 28 words per minute.  She was a real joy to have in class.


I guess it is always a relief, although I feel it shouldn't be, to know that our homeschooling has been successful.  I feel like she's a bit of a poster child.  I always hear ps teachers tell how this or that homeschooled kid came into public school and completely flopped.  I'm glad she's showing how well homeschooling can work.  I knew she was doing just fine in homeschool.  Now everyone knows, I guess.


Anyway, great job, Rose Bud!  Dad and I are so proud of you!

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