Friday, February 22, 2008

More Lapbook photos

Here are Daisy and Pepper's Native Lapbooks.  You already saw two of Daisy's.  She is making an individual folder for each Indian group we study.  Pepper is doing 4 in 1 and you'll see her first three.  Next week we will complete the final group and make a folder for the Northwest Coast Indians.


Daisy's is first and is orange.  Pepper's is second and is green and then blue.  I tried to make the slides longer this time so you can see what's in the folder better.


A note about Pepper's folder.  She made flap books comparing the cultures.  Each book has a section for Houses, Transportation, Food, Clothing, Toys.  We only show you one page from each.  You'll see the food page for the Woodlands and the Transportation page for the Plains.  To see the other pages, you'll have to come and visit us!


Native Lapbooks  (click the link)



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