Friday, February 22, 2008

Pepper Perseverance


I gave Daisy a test today on the states.  We've studied 12 so far, so I had her name them on a map, match the states and their postal abbreviations and write down their capitals.  She did fine, btw.


I didn't give Pepper anything.  I figure that at 7, if she is familiar with the names and has a vague idea of where they are, she's good.  Daisy, at age 9 should know all those things I mentioned above.


So Daisy took her test. 


Pepper, all on her own, copied from Daisy's test the state names and their capitals, counted them all and figured out their postal abbreviations (with some help) and noted them on her white board.


Now, had I assigned this, she would have pitched a glorious fit!  But because I didn't ask her to do anything, she did way more than I expected of her.


Sometimes less is more.



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