Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best new educational toy ever

For St. Nick, which is really our Christmas present time, Daisy & Pepper got a SnapCircuits kit.  I love it, they love it!

We've been working through the Tops Electricity book and we're about halfway.  We do one lesson a week.  Daisy is pretty independent, at 11, and can complete most of the lesson herself.  Pepper has become more independent as we've moved through the book and only needs minimal assistance.

They've learned about positive and negative, circuits, resistance, series & parallel, and switches.

As a fun addition to that study, I thought they'd enjoy the Snap Circuits set.  Again, Daisy is almost completely independent with it.  Pepper, at almost 9, is doing the beginning projects herself after some instruction from Daisy.

Banana Boy, who is too young for the Tops book, enjoyed making a couple of projects from the Snap Circuits set with Dad yesterday.

Daisy & Saffron work on their first project

Daisy shows Pepper the flying fan project

Come on, fan!

Whoo! There it goes!

Electric Cat

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