Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Art

Catching up on some Friday Art.

This project was to color something in a surprising way. The girls really had fun with this one and it was actually HARD to choose the colors you weren't "supposed to."

This next project took us about 2 months. The girls began the paintings way back in September, I think, with a cool watercolor wash and a warm wash (not pictured) They had to dry, which put us all off track. The next step was to print leaves of the opposite temperature (warm on cool and cool on warm) onto the background.

By the time we were ready to print the leaves, there was snow on the ground. Luckily I had purchased some foam leaves in a bin one time. Four different leaves each in three sizes makes for a nice printing activity!  In the first two photographs, if you look carefully, you can see the foam leaves lying on the picture in the position the girls have planned out.  They are in the process of painting (or touching up) the first leaf.

Here is the finished product

At this point in the book, Daisy got annoyed with art and quit. So Pepper sponged this "cool" snowman and got to mix her paints, to boot.

The next exercise was to paint this "cool" tree. To be honest, I drew the tree (she wouldn't), but she colored it (after I demonstrated) and she painted it. When she was finished, it made her cry because her tree (which was supposed to resist the watercolor due to the crayon) had turned all blue and she hated it. For the record, Rose Bud thought it was awesome!

So, there you have it.  This fall's Friday Art!


Dawn said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your site, and it's nice reading about what other HSers are doing. I'm just starting out with a 5yo. That art program sounds neat, what is it?

PS. I love the cat pics, very studious. :)

sandwichinwi said...

It's a book entitled Using Color in Your Art. If you go to my sidebar, under the categories, click on Art and it will take you to all the posts I've made of our projects from this book, as well as a link to the book itself.