Friday, December 18, 2009

My Little Musicians

Daisy has been giving Banana Boy piano lessons.  She even puts a book on the back of his hand to keep his hand still and make his fingers do all the work.

Banana Boy got a microphone and guitar for his birthday.  There have been LOTS of shows  and concerts ever since.  One night, there was even a church service complete with worship band and children's sermon.

Daisy and BB spend a lot of time composing and choreographing things.  They make a good team and both can play by ear.  I can't even list for you the number of songs they can play on the piano that each has picked out by ear.  Banana Boy, especially, is gifted at this and for him, it's a necessary skill since he can't read music.

In addition to the piano, they are both constantly messing with: the recorder, the guitar (I caught Daisy "borrowing" her brother's new guitar and the Teach Yourself book that came with it), hand bells, accordian (we have a toy one that plays surprisingly nice music), and various rhythm instruments.

Here is a little treat for you from today.

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