Monday, June 2, 2008

My Baby is So Smart

Because he doesn't talk much, I'm never quite sure what he knows.  I know he is mighty bright.


Anyway, today we got out the Lauri giant shapes and tossed them around on the floor.  They come with a little (actually huge) crepe-rubber color die.  So I shook the die and had Banana Boy hop onto the shape of that color.  Then I shook it for Sunshine and showed him the color.  I asked him, "Can you hop onto the orange shape?"  He scanned around at all 6 shapes, then burst into a grin and hopped onto the orange!  Yay!


All this proves is that he can match colors.  I didn't ask him to find orange without showing him the orange.  Maybe we'll play that way tomorrow.


Incidently, it astounds me how many preschool activities are based on color and knowing/finding colors.  I find myself doing this unthinkingly with Banana Boy and then remembering that it's a challenge for him because he is color-blind. In most cases he can compensate, but he gets blue and purple mixed up often and sometimes green and orange.  He did fine with our game today except for mixing up the blue and purple once.

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