Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Small Sixth Grade Update

Rose Bud got her report card and she had A's, two A+s and an A- in gym--because she didn't know she was supposed to bring her tennis shoes the last day (they had already cleaned out their gym lockers).  So she was marked down for a dress violation.  Oh, well.


She's very happy about her homeroom and house assignment for next year and we are too.  I think her homeroom teacher will be a good fit for her.  And her best friend is in her homeroom, too.


For the summer, she's working through an Algebra book and she's doing Sonlights Language Arts 6--I had purchased it last summer for her before we knew she was going to public school.  She wanted something to keep busy with this summer and she chose those two things off the shelf.  She is also reading about WW I, WW II and the Vietnam War.


She's excited to be earning money this summer: $5/week for doing extra chores and $20/week for watching Sunshine two mornings (believe me, he's worth it!).  Of her $20, she gives away $2, saves half and keeps $8 to spend.  Aeropostale, here she comes!



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