Thursday, June 12, 2008


I don't think homeschoolers, in general, are known for stellar homeschool gym classes.  Unless you have 17 children, there aren't usually enough kids to play team sports.  Many of us sign our kids up for soccer and t-ball and gymnastics and homeschool physical education programs at local rec centers and the YMCA.  Certainly most of our kids have lots for time for just plain running-around-the-neighborhood free play than public school kids.  There are books out there telling how to do homeschool physical fitness, but personally, I don't want to sit down and read a book to tell me how to get up and be active.


My kids do play outside a LOT.  We have 2.5 acres and the neighbors have nearly 1 acre, so between the 8 kids, they have plenty of space to roam.  Their latest kick has been badminton.  Using a splash ball eliminates the frustrating element of getting the birdie stuck in the racket every time.  We had a big Father's Day tournament here.  The boys and little girls love to ride their bikes around the driveway and with one hill to coast down and one to pump back up, they get fun and exercise.


They are forever playing some imaginative game like Indians or Kid or spy or knights.  With 8 of them, they manage to sort of play kickball.  They love to play tag.


So they're out running around all day.


Pepper, Banana Boy and Sunshine are in swimming lessons right now.  Banana Boy is becoming a t-ball star.  Rose Bud and Daisy are going to hike their flip flops off next week at camp.


Now if we could get mom off the computer.....


Anyway, even if they are stuck inside, they find SOMEthing to do.  Here they are doing their morning "workout."




with the added difficulty of dodging Sunshine





Made more difficult...


It's not perfect, but it works!



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