Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gonna Hop on the Workbox Bandwagon!

I was just thinking of posting to some homeschooling boards this morning about ideas for organizing Banana Boy's day next fall.  

I am terrible about accountability and it's very easy for me to lose the kids when we get off track.  The phone rings and they all wander away.  We have to leave to go pick up Sunshine and we never get back to school for the rest of the day.  Someone has something hard, begins to cry and it gets shelved until next week.  They avoid (read: "forget" ) to do something they don't really enjoy and suddenly, we haven't done Spanish or written in journals for 5 weeks.

You know just what I mean, right?  Right?

So, I was looking for a very obvious, very organized way to chart what Banana Boy has and has not done for the day/week/month.  I've made oodles of schedules and charts and I just don't check up on them to see if the kids are checking off what they've done.

Lo, and behold, I travel to my new favorite homeschool blog, 1+1+1=1, and there are workboxes.  She posted about them earlier in the week with a promise to give more details.  Got 'em.

So I can't give you any details about them yet, as I haven't tried them, but you can look for yourself as to what's involved.  All I can say is I. Am. Excited!

Sue Patrick's Workbox System or, Where to Get the Book

Walking By the Way (on the sidebar on the right, scroll to "Wonderful Workboxes"  She has several posts about them and this way you can find them all including What to Put in Workboxes.)

Joyful Mother of Six  and more posts #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Color Me Orange An idea for doing it in a space-saving way with multiple children (I was just thinking, this would be great for the girls, too, but where to put all those bins???)  more Color Me Orange posts on workboxes  #1 #2

Our Lifesong (using workboxes in a tiny apartment and what to do with the completed boxes and materials)

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Recovering Noah said...

Let me know how it goes. I really should do them for the kids. I read the post when she blogged about it, but I think I had a panic attack. lol.

And, yes, your description of your typical homeschool day? Eerily mirrors mine.

Leslie :-)