Saturday, March 28, 2009

Winter Promise

I've decided I don't like this curriculum. It is just not a good fit for us.

I've decided I don't like
American Story 1
Animals & Their Worlds
I'm Ready to Learn

I hate looking at those guides on my shelf every day.



Jeni said...

Hey...this is Jeni from holt boards...I have only seen it on the internet and would LOVE to hear pros and cons of is very expensive!! But it looks wonderful online...would you mind telling me why you didn't like it, so I can weigh it in my mind??? I am so glad you posted this :)

If you would rather pm me on the boards, that would be great too!!!

Thanks Sandwich!!!!

Manderly said...

Did you sell these? :)

sandwichinwi said...

I'm still looking at Animals and their Worlds on my shelf.