Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wisconsin's First People or Who Needs A Textbook?

Today we read about Wisconsin's first people. There were several different groups that archaeologists break into


Archaic Indians

Woodland Peoples




Everything you wanted to know about them and more!

More everything you wanted to know

Even More!

Solve the Mammoth Mystery

Mammoth History in Kenosha County

Kenosha Public Museum FREE Field Trip! See the Schaefer Mammoth and check out dioramas on Wisconsin history

Field Trip!  Visit the Boaz Mastadon and here

Archaic Indians

Missisippi Valley Archaeology Center on Archaic Tradition   Don't forget to check out all the links down the side

Article on the Archaic Tradition.

Pictures of Archaic spearpoints

Field Trip!  Visit an Archaic site

Woodland Tradition

This site is really all you need

Woodland effigy mounds

Field Trip!  Visit Wisconsin effigy mounds

Milwaukee Public Museum artifact collection (check out the other links at the top to read more about Aztalan)

More about the Mississippians

Field Trip!  Visit the Aztalan site
and walk inside an Aztalan house at the Wisconsin Historical Museum


Field Trip!  See rock carvings and paintings

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