Friday, March 6, 2009

Justin is Mathtacular!

We just got volumes 2 & 3 of Mathtacular in our new Sonlight box. I put it in this morning and the kids were glued to the TV. Not that they aren't glued to the TV whatever is on. The other day, Daisy watched the history of the sewer systems in America's 10 largest cities (not kidding. This was on PBS at 11 am)

I guess it's good they are so interested in learning.

Anyway, they were loving Justin doing his mathy thing on the new DVD.

And something Justin did inspired Pepper to get out the Base Ten blocks, which she normally abhors. Well, she abhors them if I get them out for her to use in solving a math problem.

If she can unschool with them, apparently she loves them.

And what, you ask, was Sunshine doing during all this? Well, sometimes he was trying to knock over these creations. But then I got out some Tray Work for him and he did SO well! I was so proud of him. He mostly followed directions, kept the water in the cups, well, at least in the tray, well, at least on the towel. And he poured for 30 minutes!!!

Hopefully, this is something I can keep doing with him for next year as he will only be in school two days a week. yay, Sunshine!

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